At the HOTEL PRINCESA PLAZA MADRID, environmental protection is essential for the competitiveness of the company and, therefore, for its survival. This policy is established as a framework within which company must carry out all its activities in such a way as to guarantee guests and other interested parties the commitment undertaken by the HOTEL PRINCESA PLAZA MADRID through its management system.

The HOTEL PRINCESA PLAZA MADRID, in addition to complying with current environmental regulations under the law, and other measures that it has chosen to observe, has taken a series of steps to augment the awareness of all of us who work at the hotel, in order to be "greener" every day, including the following:

  • SOLAR PANELS: The hotel has 62 panels for the production of Sanitary Hot Water (SHW).
  • AEROTHERMY: The hotel has 6 Q-TONs for the production of SHW.
  • CHILLERS: The hotel has 2 chillers to air condition the building.
  • BOILERS: The hotel has 3 gas condensing boilers for the production of SHW and heating.
  • AERATED TAPS: All the hotel’s taps have aerators that mix water and air, but without sacrificing comfort or a high-pressure sensation.
  • DUAL-FLUSH TOILETS: Dual-flush toilets with 3-liter and 6-liter settings, and even partial flushes. This system makes it possible to reduce the building water's consumption.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: The company has implemented a waste selection system in all hotel rooms.
  • VARIABLE-FREQUENCY DRIVES: The hotel is equipped with adjustable-frequency drives. These devices adjust the speed of the electric motors to match the demand of the application, reducing the motors' energy consumption by 20 - 70%.
  • VEHICLE CHARGING POINTS: The hotel has 3 charging points in the parking garage.

Compliance with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations at the international, national, regional and local levels, with a special stress on air, water and waste-related regulations in order to ensure that activities are carried out, today and tomorrow, in accordance with these requirements, thus honoring our commitment to all the stakeholders involved, especially the different administrations.

The existence of procedures to ensure quality assurance and the prevention and control of contamination, both during normal activity and in the event of accidents.

All employees' training and participation is extremely important for both the achievement of the objectives and goals slated and for improved management. The entire HOTEL PRINCESA PLAZA MADRID team must be responsible and efficient managers of the resources that they manage.

We are dedicated to learning from past performance, so we keep careful records, so as to be able to analyse them and draw conclusions from them leading to improvement.

On the basis of this policy, the Management shall annually approve the organization's objectives and goals, establishing improvements lines for the impending period. These objectives shall be periodically reviewed.

All the people who work at the HOTEL PRINCESA PLAZA MADRID are to act in accordance with these premises, which will earn our company recognition for the high quality of the services it provides, and for doing so in a way that is environmentally sound.

The environmental commitment undertaken by the HOTEL PRINCESA PLAZA MADRID has two basic objectives:

  • To contribute to a cleaner planet, with a higher quality of life, and in the services provided to our guests, as well as optimizing Safety and Hygiene at Work
  • To convert our entire environmental policy into one more marketing tool, positioning our hotel as a pioneer and one of the most committed in this area, thus achieving recognition of our brand and our product.